Thank you Bobby Flay — Bobby + Amy = Smokin’ Hot Tropical…..

Fruit and Citrus Marinade

I did something today that I NEVER, EVER do.  It was a guilty pleasure.  One that I didn’t think I’d have to admit, share or confess.  It was around lunch time.  I had finished all my planned tasks.  And a thought popped into my head.  No one was around.  Who would ever know.  I’m an adult.  It’s not going to hurt anyone.  I made my way downstairs, pressed the button, and voile……Bobby Flay appeared on my television screen.  And what was he doing?  Grilling.  Big deal, right?  Bobby is always grilling.  But this time, he was grilling something different.  Lemons and oranges were roasting in anticipation of a smokey, citrus marinade.  I fell in love.  So, tonight for our family dinner — I tried to replicate Bobby’s marinade AND add my own little twists (pineapple, habenero, mango).

Here goes:

3 lemons, 6 mandarin oranges, 2 cups of cubed pineapple, 2 mangoes and 1 habanero

Slice the lemons, oranges and mangoes in half.  Brush with canola oil and place on ready-to-go grill (I did this on my indoor grill which is part of my GE Monogram dual-fuel range with grill and griddle).  Add the habanero chili, cubes of pineapple (no need to brush with oil) and roast until all the fruit has nice grill marks and the flesh is softened.

Place all the ingredients in a blender including the de-seed (or not) the habanero, the pulp from mangoes, pineapple cubes and juice from the lemons and oranges.  Be sure to strain the citrus fruits through a sieve to avoid seeds falling into the blender.  Throw in a pinch of  salt and a 1/2 cup of canola oil.  Blend the mixture until smooth.  Serve over steak or chicken or fish.  Store the extra in a mason jar and refrigerate.


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