Goin’ #Vegan with a Vengeance!

I’ve spent the last month boning up on what it means to eat like a vegan.  The vegan protocol eliminates all animal products including dairy.  Some vegans eliminate honey.  It’s all very personal and individualized.  My client is committed to a very serious training regime and is eliminating all oils, sugar, and grains with the exception of quinoa.  It’s been an adventure preparing to cook for him.  Call me crazy — but it’s also been very fun, challenging my culinary creativity.  So — what’s a girl to do?  Ahhh, yes — Eggplant Tacos!  Very simple:  slice eggplant into rounds, salt and let rest in a colander in the sink for 30 or more minutes.  Rinse with cool water.  Place rounds on pre-heated grill (no oil — it still works — just don’t get in a fight with the eggplant — wait, wait, wait and let it grill, then flip).  Taco Time! You’ve already sliced and diced the daikon radish, red bell pepper.  You’ve shredded the carrots and torn the spinach.  Have fun with it — make it pretty.  Julienne some, dice some, shred some and tear some.  It’s your creation.  This taco would be awesome with any kind of salsa:  salsa fresco, salsa verde, your favorite hot sauce.  I made a spinach-roasted mushroom salsa adding a great, healthy green color.  Go for it.  Bring on the Vegan Vengeance!Image


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