An Organized Pantry Can Save You Money!


Photo:  Rachel Strisik of Rachel and Company

Guest Blog by Rachel Strisik


Did you know you could actually save money by organizing your pantry? We’ve all done it – thrown away food because we forgot about it in the back of the pantry and it went bad. What a waste of money! We all have to eat, so why not save some money by getting your pantry organized. Just a few easy updates can really make all the difference.

Do you ever get home from the grocery store with your box of pasta only to realize you already had five others hiding in the pantry? I can NOT be the only one that has done that!  Luckily, once you are able to see what you have and how much of it is left, you’ll be able to stop stocking up on multiples at the store. Also, by using re-usable containers to keep things fresh, your food will last longer!

Ready to get your pantry organized, here are a few tips you can put into action today!

1. Use the space on the back of the door. This often-overlooked space is actually prime real estate in your kitchen. With an over the door organizer it can become the ideal home for thinner items such as bottles of salad dressing, baby food jars or spices and cooking oils.

2. Organize with order. Store the things you use and need most at eye level and easy to reach shelves, they will be easy to grab when you need them. You can keep the things you use less often high up or in other harder to reach areas.

3. Store canned items in order of expiration date. Foods expiring first should be in the front so they can be used first. Because who wants to toss out food that was never even opened!

4. Organize your Pantry by storing smartly. Put breakable items up high if you have small children. You can also store the foods they are allowed to have on lower shelves so they can help themselves. For an extra-organized pantry, use a label to mark containers in the fridge with what is inside as well as the date it was stored. 5. Switch up those boxes for containers. Transferring cereals, pastas and snacks into airtight containers not only keeps your food fresh longer but you can see how much you have left and when to shop. Those bulky boxes take up space! Use containers that stack up neatly to utilize all of the space in your pantry and fridge.

Below is a pantry we created for a client. With the use of lazy Susan’s, storage containers and over the door storage, we were able to make everything visible. It may seem surprising but all of the items you can see in the before picture were in their in the after picture as well. With just a little organizing, you will realize just how much space you actually have in your pantry and you’ll save money.


Rachel Strisik of Rachel and Company is an organizing extraordinaire – Rachel uses creativity, style and a little elbow grease to help clients get their homes, offices, schedules and lives in order. As a professional organizer, Rachel empowers her clients to live more organized, productive lives. Rachel and Company is a full-service professional organizing company specializing in client organization, closet design and organized moves. Rachel also works with businesses to improve productivity and efficiency through organization and has helped over 600 clients since her start in 2008.

Rachel works nationally with clients, is based in Bethesda, MD and has been featured in publications such as Washingtonian, The Washington Post, NBC4, Fox5, and most recently in the Huffington Post. Rachel graduated from The University of Wisconsin (BA) and The Catholic University of America (JD). Rachel can be reached at:info@rachel-company.com202.669.3719 or through her website:



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